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As a veterinary technican, I provide home pet care services for: elderly, fragile, stressed or nervous pets that don't do will in a typical boarding environment, or are sick, or have chronic health conditions and need to maintain their safe, secure environment and routine at home.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beagle Pet Sitting & Home Pet Nursing Care

Welcome to the Beagle Pet Sitting and Home Pet Nursing Care Blog.

My goals are: To Display my beautiful pet friends..
                     To Provide my contact information.
                     To Answer any questions you may have.
                     To Provide tips and research on topics concerning pet care.
                     To Celebrate the lives of my departed pet friends.

 I will have more to add in the coming months.  I welcome any suggestions, comments, corrections you may have. Also, please feel free to submit any pictures/photos or stories of your own.

*The photos are in no particular order. I concentrated on the quality of the picture when determining what goes into the BPS Family Image Slider and will continue to change and update the lineup as time goes on. The Beagle Pet Sitting Family Gallery tab has individual photos of each pet. The More BPS Family Gallery tab has candid photos.

**Contact information is under the Pet Sitting Information tab with a handy contact form if you want to email me directly from this blog.